Green Automation Ltd. develops and manufactures greenhouse automation systems for use throughout the world. Our systems can be found in various locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Here are a few examples of our reference projects

Baby Leaf Lettuce - Fully Automated System

Ohio, USA, 2019
Massachusetts, USA, 2018 (Expansion)
Estonia, Europe, 2017 (Expansion)
Massachusetts, USA, 2016
New Hampshire, USA, 2016
United Kingdom, Europe, 2016
Finland, Europe, 2016

Living Lettuce - Automated System

Texas, USA, 2019
Finland, Europe, 2018
Russia, Asia, 2018
Russia, Europe, 2017
Russia, Europe, 2015
Illinois, USA, 2014
New Yok, USA, 2014
Poland, Europe, 2014
Russia, Asia, 2014