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Full automation allows us to triple our production area, while keeping labor costs low.

Hortidaily, January 28, 2021

Revolution Farms in Caledonia, Michigan is expanding their existing lettuce production by adding an additional 2 acres of greenhouse growing area. The expansion is equipped with a fully automated growing system from Green Automation. Some growing lines are set up for growing baby leaf lettuce, while other lines are…

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How to make fresh, safe, sustainable and locally grown leafy greens the new norm

Hortidaily, October 22, 2020

Green Automation is driving the transformation toward a sustainable and resilient supply of leafy greens. The goal for leafy greens operators in North America is to reach a production costs level that allows for disruption and ultimately substitution of the field lettuce business, the same way we have seen the market develop in northern Europe. …

Tartu, Estonia
The "Finnish Lettuce Model" is being applied more around the world

Hortidaily, October 8, 2020

Due to long, dark and cold winters and short summers the Finnish greenhouse growers have had to operate very effectively in order to be competitive with the imported field grown lettuce, always striving to optimize and make their operation cost efficient. The business model that has proven to be successful for the Finnish greenhouse operators is…

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Triple the production with expansion and automation

Michigan Farm News, June 22, 2020 

Revolution Farms is making a 2 Acre expansion and expect to triple their production of leafy greens to 1.5 million pounds annually. The new facility will use the latest agriculture technologies — including a fully automated plant-to-harvest system — to grow fresh, local produce year-round. Revolution Farms started the expansion in February…

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Greenswell Growers will grow baby leaf lettuce with Green Automation system

Richmond Times Dispatch, August 11, 2020

Greenswell Growers in Goochland County, Virginia will grow baby leaf lettuce for distribution in the Mid-Atlantic region. Greenswell Growers is proud to bring their large-scale indoor growing facility to Goochland where they will provide delicious, safe, and sustainably grown leafy greens to the community. 

Hands-free cultivation at Free Leafy Greens in Hudson, Ohio

It happens here. Little Leaf Farms in the news

Lef Farms producing lettuce in the dead of winter

Hands-Free automatic growing at Free! Leafy Greens. 

Hands-Free Cultivation at Free! Leafy Greens