Green Automation - Fully Automatic System
Hands-Free Cultivation at Fresh Local Produce of Ohio

Press Release April 6, 2020

Green Automation has completed another project in the USA. The installation of Green Automation’s fully automated growing system at Fresh Local Produce in Hudson, Ohio was completed early 2020. Fresh Local Produce is selling under the brand “Free! Leafy Greens”.

When deciding what growing system to use, Fresh Local Produce looked at yield…

Green Automation - Texas
Green Automation brings automation and efficiency to new greenhouse operation in Texas

Press Release Oct 31, 2019

Green Automation Group is proud to announce the latest project realization in the North American market – hydroponic lettuce producer TrueHarvest Farms in Belton, Texas. The 50,000 square feet greenhouse is equipped with growing automation technology from Green Automation. Riding on the steadily increasing demand for locally grown produce,…

Ultra-local vs. Strategic Local - How close will you go?

Hortidaily Sept 24, 2019

The distances travelled by leafy greens are encouraging indoor farmers to join the lettuce market. The trend is going to growing locally. But the question is how local should you go?
It appears there are two schools of thought when addressing this question. One argues that food should be produced ultra-locally in metropolitan areas very…

Green Automation systems
Mapping the Pathway of Cost Competitive Hydroponic Lettuce Production - Indoor AgTech Ny event June, 2019

Greenhouse farming of leafy greens has been done in Finland on a large scale for decades. Lettuce greenhouse growers  are competing with each other, continuously striving to optimize their cost position and  have successfully taken over the grocery stores shelves making indoor grown lettuce mainstream. Per capita, Finland has more than 50 times the lettuce greenhouse acreage of the United…

Green Automation Devens video
It happens here: Hands-Off, Year Round Farming at Little Leaf Farms in Devens, MA, April 26, 2019

Little Leaf Farms in Devens, Massachusetts is producing fresh, locally grown leafy greens year round, using the Green Automation growing system. The system is automated from seeding to harvesting.


Hands-Free Cultivation at Free! Leafy Greens 

It happens here. Little Leaf Farms in the news

Lef Farms producing lettuce in the dead of winter

Hands-Free automatic growing at Free! Leafy Greens.